Science investigation

This afternoon we carried out an investigation to find out if woodlice prefer dark or light areas to hide. We found 9 woodlice on the playground and put them into a container half full with soil. One section of the container had a piece of wood in it, this was the dark section. We left the woodlice for a few hours so they could get used to their new environment. After leaving them for a while we noticed that all the woodlice were hiding under the piece of bark. Our conclusion was that woodlice prefer dark places to light areas. Once we had finished the experiment we put the woodlice back where we found them.


Today in maths, we have been learning about how record and compare time. We went outside to time each other running the width of the playground. Once we had recorded everyone’s results in a table we had to use the data to answer some questions. what have you been learning about in maths?



This afternoon in P.E we have been taking paert in a fitness circuit. There were 9 different stations ranging from star jumps to shuttle runs. Once we had completed the exercise we moved onto the next station. We found the press ups hard but it was lots of fun!


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In P.E. today we have been practising our running ready for sports day. We had a great time competing against each other. We cheered each other on and all tried our best to be as fast as we could!

Have you been practising for sports day?

Mini Olympics


This afternoon, 10 year 3/4 children took part at the mini olympics at the telford tennis centre. They took part in lots of activities such as archery, rugby, long jump and volleyball. They really enjoyed going and representing Wombridge.


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This afternoon, we have been planting onions and rocket ready for the plant sale. We really enjoy our outdoor learning and planting different things!

What have you been planting lately?


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In P.E. we have been practising for Sports day. This afternoon, we practised our running and skipping by having races against each other. We found it lots of fun!

What have you been learning in P.E? What race are you looking forward to taking part in?