In literacy we have been looking at poems. We have written our own poems about Ancient Egypt, and have even included rhyming words.

What are rhyming words?


Circular Food Chain

Today we looked at a circular food chain, and described what it is. 

What did you find out about a circular food chain today?


Today is Libary day, in groups class 5 visited the library. They all chose an exciting book to read. What was the title of the book you chose?


Class 5 have been discussing Adam and Eve and the garden of Edan. They have been very creative drawing images of the garden of Edan and also of their very own special place.What do you think the garden of Edan looks like?

Making Mummies 

Class 5 have been busy making their own Egyptian Mummies, they used pipe cleaners and string. They all look very impressive.  What else could we use to make Mummies?

Egg Shell Experiment 

Over the past week class 5 have conducted an egg shell experiment. They have kept eggs in different liquids such as: milk, cola, water, orange juice, blackcurrant and vinegar.  The purpose of the experiment was to see what impact the liquid has on our teeth. They found out that the egg shells were damaged least by water. 

 Can you think of any other liquids we could experiment with?

Ancient Egypt

Today Class 5 looked at the Pharos of Ancient Egypt. Using the iPads they researched different facts to tell the class.Can you tell me a fact that found out?